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Fishing Shoes That Keep Anglers Comfortable

Today’s fishing footwear is as varied as the ways we anglers chase gamefish.

October can bring immensely different weather conditions depending on how far up the coastline you fish. Those in Florida are likely still seeing high 80s, while anglers in Maine are feeling freezing temps. In some locales, temperatures can change by the hour. Fortunately, you can find appropriate footwear no matter what the mercury reads.

If Your Feet Aren’t Happy, You Won’t Be Happy

First and foremost, fishing footwear must provide sure traction on damp surfaces. Wet decks can be treacherous, and a fall on a pitching vessel can easily end in a trip to the hospital. Even if you don’t end up on the floor, losing your footing can cost you a fish, turning a hook-set into a fight with gravity. Shoes should also be comfortable.